Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji - Transcending Relations

Another year has gone by in the rigmarole of life. Wishes were sent and received. Resolutions made and broken. In the midst of all of this we were called upon to visit a few visiting relatives. We arrived an hour late… As usual… Wait it wasn’t just us but the city traffic as well. Pleasantries exchanged and as we sat across each other,the conversation settled into asking the well being of the families and as theevening bore on several cousins and distant relatives whom we hadn’t even heardof tumbled out of the several memory lanes present. And then it struck.

We seldom know relatives beyond our immediate family and maybe an odd cousin or so within our own generation. And as one generation passes on the mantle to the incoming generation several more of those cousins and relatives are lost in the sands of the passing time.That set the mind thinking is there any relation that transcends time and generations? And as if an inner voice answered immediately… Yes… The soul and the spirit and in our case our beloved Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and the several Satgurus before Him.

Come to think of it Satguru Jiwas and is the common link in at least five generations of every family of ours… From the great grandfather to the great grand sons and daughters oftoday, He was and is the thread that wove the families together to form the collectivity of the family. The Father of our family tree. The soul of our family.

To have been touched by, loved by and nurtured by Him gives a very different perspective to our lives and dawnsupon us the responsibility that we carry. The responsibility to carry His ideals forward, the responsibility to live His way of life, the responsibility to unite Him with the incoming generation, so that we can be bound by the common thread and be a part of a timeless relation that transcends all relations.
A relation bound by the soul and love of our Father, our Friend, our Soul and our Lord – His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. May our efforts make Him proud and may we with His benevolence- live Him everyday of our life, spread His essence through the sands of time,transcending all boundaries for generations to come.

Dhan Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji