Moments - Here and Now with HH Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

A year has gone past like a whiff of flowers in the wind and as one looks back, a thought comes to the mind - how did it go by so fast? Wasn't it just yesterday that the unthinkable happened and we were left wondering what would become of us? But then time has it's own way of reminding us - It has been more than 3 billion seconds since that fateful evening on the 13 of December 2012, precisely at 6:28pm... Yes 6:28pm... The clock now etched in the memories of millions, not forgotten so easily.

Look at it closely.... 3 billion odd seconds... Ever wondered about them, what did they stand for? Was it just time going by? From a time keepers point of view... Yes! But from another perspective they were not just seconds but moments.... Yes moments... And dare we say they were more than 3 billion moments, for each of those moments captured billions of moments that one had spent with the beloved father - HH Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. Moments that were unique to each of us in their own ways, yet had the common thread of the Lord's weaving in it. Each moment that stood still in time, savoured and felt deep within the ravines of the heart. Each moment brought a tear to eye and wish on the lip - if only for a moment....

Words were spoken, gratitude expressed and tributes flowed... A soul celebrated... A year that went by... But something is still amiss... The emptiness inside echoes... Unnerving one... Almost to the point of desperation, as the mind seeks the answer tot he question 'did we miss something? And then a faint voice fades in... Like the soft notes of the taanpura, it fades in slowly at first... As if slowly spreading the fresh smell of the incense and as the voice breaks in and gains in volume... You hear it.... I have been here all the time, through the billions of moments that have gone by, looking after you... Yes looking after you... Through your trial and tribulations, through your tears and fears, through the questions and answers that you have posed and given, through your minds and your hearts... Each and every moment. And then the voice asks - But where have you been? Have you felt each and every moment, heard Me speak in each of them?

And suddenly it dawns, each moment was an opportunity... An opportunity to express our love and gratitude to our eternal father who led by example through the year and thought of us every moment, every second, while we debated and thought and wished and hoped and prayed... He looked after us, felt every moment of ours without judging us, letting us breathe and survive, not missing even a moment. He was there in the tear, the smile, the wish, the abyss and beyond doing what He always did without any expectation, prompting us to look back and reflect how many of those moments did we live? And we realize not even a percent of what He did.

A pall of gloom falls upon, did we then fail Him? And the humble notes of the music answer back... No this is not to remind you of the moments gone by, but to present you with more moments, more opportunities that are coming your way... And He says 'I will be there'. The question is will WE be there... An opportunity... An responsibility... To live every moment, feel every moment of His presence and yes to add and cherish billions of moments with our Lord, Master, Satguru, Friend and Guide... His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji