Happy Diwali - Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji - A Memoir

It is that time of the year that one starts exchanging season’s greetings, wishing everyone, getting blessed by the elders of the family and blessing the younger one’s. Like every year this year seemed like the earlier, but as the day wore on and one went about greeting everyone, an odd feeling set in, something was amiss, but one couldn’t place it… 12 hours later and towards the fag end of the day, now, past midnight, just as one is about to plan ‘a to do’ list or turn in, one realizes what is amiss. When one has been celebrating a festival or a season since childhood, the daily chores of the festival are a matter of habit and one goes about it mechanically.

For years it has been habitual for one to start the ‘Diwali’ season by either going to Sri Bhaini Sahib and doing Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji’s darshan or if one is not able to make it, atleast call and seek His Holiness’s blessings and wish Him a very Happy Diwali.

It is written that ‘Diwali’ is celebrated when the victorious Lord Rama reached Ayodhya after 14 years. The streets and houses were lit with rows and lamps and everyone was overjoyed. Onecould only imagine the poet’s words, but in Sri Bhaini Sahib one could witnessit in Satguru Ji’s presence.
The evenings there were spent witnessing the brilliance of the hundred of lamps lit in His Holiness’s presence. The sounds of the hymns punctuating the cool wind that begins to blowin November. The glowing face of Satguru Ji lighting up the world of each andeveryone. What a sight… How lucky were we to have witnessed heaven on earth, usmere mortals, who had done nothing but sin. It was only His benevolence thatgave one that chance.

Always involved, always alert and always willing to be an active participant in each and everyone’s life… even the little joys. His benevolence resounded in the musical composition He composed extempore on witnessing a tray full of glowing lamps brought forth as obeisance at His feet on the occasion of ‘Diwali’ by a humble woman, answering her prayers and showering His blessings upon everyone present.

Looking back at all those years and the memories associated with them brings one back to the wish… If only one could relive that moment again, have that one glimpse, feel the presence… His ever smiling face, the look in His eyes that drew one and all to Him and prompted each one of us to call Him or meet Him and wish Him a very Happy Diwali.

It is almost a year since His physical self passed away, the silence has been deafening, the lamps have remained unlit, destiny has taken its own course, some cross roads have been crossed while the territory is still unchartered, waiting for the traveler to continue one’s journey. The mind seeks His presence, the heart skips a beat at the slightest of the sound, and the head turns and looks back is He still there?And His benevolence answers ‘Don’t turn back, look at Me in front of you, the eternal light… I am the twinkle in your eye, the prayer on your lips, the beatin your heart, the love of your life and the path of your destiny. Fear not for I am there forever as long as your soul lives. I rejoice in your joy and am a partaker in your journey. I am the light in the lamp and the glow thatsurrounds it. Spread forth its warmth and look at me… Will you not wish metoday?” And I bow to thee, with tears in my eyes and a gentle nod… Look uptoHim and whisper ‘Happy Diwali to You My Lord, Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji… may we be the earth on which lie the rows of lamps illuminated by your benign presence. May we be worthy of your benign self. May every word, effort of us,bring praise to Your thy self and make You proud of us. May we be so lucky to be blessed with your love, affection and presence forever ’ Dhan Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji