It has been a month... It has been 31 days... It has been 744 hours... It has been 44,640 minutes... It has been 2,678,400 secs

It has been a month... It has been 31 days... It has been 744 hours... It has been 44,640 minutes... It has been 2,678,400 seconds

If time was a measure of a human's love for God then nothing more would illustrate the fact more than the above. Each day of the month, each hour of that day, each minute of that hour and each second of that minute one image has dominated every thought since that fateful moment of history... His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji.

As the time has flown, the outpouring of grief... Wait... No... this was no outporing of grief. It was and is the outporing of unending Love, an expression of one's hitherto unknown feelings for someone who until now was unobtrusively a part of everyone's life, a feeling that gave the faithful the strength to follow the path and the atheist the contradiction to doubt his doubts.

In the circle of one's life most of our moments are normally spent thinking about one's own welfare and our daily vocabolary is dominated by I, Me and Myself. And its rarely out of place to think thus. But a moment in life that makes you forget that and makes you think every second, minute, hour, day and month henceforth only about Him can only be termed as the moment of truth, that is extremely pious and reveberates one's Love for God. A moment that will last a lifetime and will continue to illustrate the unending, unfathomable and unparalleled Love that God commands and can only be His.

As we continue to run our race towards our Career's, Professions, Businees's... A moment brings everything to standstill, asking us to stop and reflect, what is it that made Him love and be loved so much?

The answer lies within our outporing every second since... To have lived a life for one's own self is human, but to have lived One's life for everybody else and to have made everyone's life His own is the trait only known of God. Its a trait that needs to be emulated every moment of one's life. A trait that will make one proud of not oneself but Him. A trait that will make one proud to be known as His faithful, His Stock, His Family, His Life... For in doing so we will continue to Live Him and His Godliness for our lifetime... Lets make Him and ourselves proud.

maan kara-o tuDh oopray mayray pareetam pi-aaray.
I take pride in You, O my Darling Beloved.

ham apraaDhee sad bhooltay tumH bakhsanhaaray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
I am a sinner, continuously making mistakes; You are the Forgiving Lord. ||1||Pause||

ham avgan karah asaNkh neet tumH nirgun daataaray.
I make mistakes each and every day. You are the Great Giver;

daasee sangat parabhoo ti-aag ay karam hamaaray. ||2||
I am worthless. I associate with Maya, your hand-maiden, and I renounce You, God;
such are my actions. ||2||

tumH dayvhu sabh kichh da-i-aa Dhaar ham akirat-ghanaaray.
You bless me with everything, showering me with Mercy; And I am such an ungrateful

laag paray tayray daan si-o nah chit khasmaaray. ||3||
I am attached to Your gifts, but I do not even think of You, O my Lord and Master.

tujh tay baahar kichh nahee bhav kaatanhaaray.
There is none other than You, O Lord, Destroyer of fear.

kaho naanak saran da-i-aal gur layho mugaDh uDhaaray. ||4||4||34||
Says Nanak, I have come to Your Sanctuary, O Merciful Guru; I am so foolish - please,
save me! ||4||4||

Dhan Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji