He is our breath, our heart beat, our love and our destiny - HH Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

It was a friend and a fellow Namdhari who asked me to narrate an incident that I witnessed about Satguru Ji. Strange as it might seem, my whole life seems to be only incidents with Him. And stranger is the fact that these incidents continue to happen even now. It seems and feels thus every moment.

For in Him we see our parents and our Lord and our life, He is our breath and heart beat, He is our Love and our Destiny, He is our Satguru, The Lord, Master, Friend and our motivation.

Tears n even more tears, they say you shouldn't cry, but then we had never experienced so much love ever before, He always said you walk a step towards Him and He would walk not just the mile but a lifetime with us, and guess what He has done more than that, He continues to walk even today. There is not a single moment that goes past without Him being in our thoughts, is it a bane or a boon? It's probably a boon that we Namdharis were lucky to be touched by God Himself and we can proudly say we have seen God, we have spoken to Him, He has spoken to us, He lives within us always and guides us to walk His path, the path of truth, the path of Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

May His benevolence be always upon us, May we be true to Him and His ideals even more so now, may we ring true His words and may we represent Him within our communities, families, friends, business, professions and humanity. May we live Him a life time.

Let the tears stop but the memories flow, for the day they dry, we would be astray from His path, lets tread His path, with Him arm in hand.

Dhan Satguru Jagjit Singh J