The fragrance of a flower

Five years is usually a long time. Come to think - its half a decade, enough for the tears to dry, scars to heal and memories to turn sepia. A few days back on the 13th of December a question popped up in the mind. Are we past the  winter that had set in five years back the same day ? The dark, dramatic hues of the evening sky that had given way to the cool hues of the night, the night cold wind had blown across the lonely heart - the question remained - does the heart still pine for the love of its Master or is it now just another fond memory ?

In the following few days we went back to the daily routines of our professional lives, immersing ourselves in work as usual. But as they say love finds its way to the heart. While watching a documentary on a Canadian Concert Tour, the thoughts went back to an evening in Benares sometime in the 1990s - the venue was Tabla maestro Pt Kishan Maharaj’s music hall - Satguru Ji had just finishes singing and the baithak was about to end - and then he started singing another composition culminating in a conversation - and a few moments later Satguru Ji started singing another composition - and so it went on for the next half an hour or so - the visiting Guru Jan were mesmerised by what they heard and saw, with one of them remarking Satguru Ji’s love for music was insatiable. While memories such as these moistened the eyes - several more came back in a flood.

It was sometime in 2006/07 I had had the opportunity to be around and observe Satguru Ji for a couple of days on a tour. A lady had requested regarding her health and Satguru Ji had promised to look up a Doctor for her. Satguru Ji Himself was recovering from a minor stroke and had just landed from a short trip. Over a period of the next 12 hours or so Satguru Ji persistently followed up almost every hour until the recommended doctor was connected to the ailing woman and her treatment commenced. The indelible foot prints of such unconditional love and faith brought a lump in the throat. 

A week of ruminating and refreshing of such memories that date back to several seasons the answer to the question stares back - one can’t take away the fragrance of a flower nor the moistness of the water - no amount of passage of time can stop the Sun from rising and while the cycle of life continues on its journey - the heart continues to pine for its Master - His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji